Interest moves to North London

The prime property market in London is moving further away from established parts of the city, as people look for new places to invest where they can excellent returns. Traditional prime locations have high prices and are forcing people to look further afield. A new map has even been created to show where new popular areas are located. Surprisingly it seems to show that people are moving further to the North, West and South in search of new opportunities.

The new focus on outer London is leading to an increase in the number of buy to let properties on the market. Investors are snapping up homes and returning them to the market as rentals as they target big returns in the future. If growth continues these outer parts of the city could find prices have risen a great deal over the coming 5 or 10 years. Before then they hope to make a good yield in the rental sector because there is always high demand in the market, particularly as more people are opting to rent their homes rather than buying them.

A good idea for investors is to choose properties in smaller developments. This offers advantages because it increases competition due to the lack of availability. If the development becomes highly sought after you can find impressive growth in prices and a great return.

A big tip for investors is to choose areas where there are plans for regeneration, or work is already underway. These areas get thrust into the spotlight and gain more attention, causing demand to drive up prices. When the projects are finished you could find yourself with a property in a highly sought after area rather than an up and coming one. As part of this you should also keep an eye on developments in transport links; property seekers are always looking for homes that are easily accessible.

Buy to let mortgages are becoming more attractive for investors because they offer flexibility and the opportunity to make good returns, particularly in Zones 2 and 3 in London. If you’re looking to target new prime areas or want to offer a buy to let property in an area that is set for great attention you can find advice from a leading investment specialist by contacting us. As a skilled property management company and letting agent in Kensington and Chelsea, we will help you to choose the best strategy.