An innovative project gives Hounslow a new park

Although our focus is on the residential sector at Finefair, sometimes there are projects in other sectors that cannot be ignored. This is particularly true when they are to take place in an area which we regularly work in. The fact we have built a strong reputation as the leading provider of block management Hounslow has to offer meant we were paying attention when the subterranean warehousing scheme was given the green light by local councillors.

The project will see the 110 acres of Green belt land on the Pathway transformed into a park and become the home of innovative subterranean mineral extraction and warehouses. This land was formerly used for agriculture but farming ceased in 1996. Now it will become the largest new park West London has received in over 100 years whilst also helping the Borough to meet the mineral provision requirements set out in the London Plan. Approximately 3 million tonnes of minerals will be extracted over the course of the project.

All of the mining will take place discreetly beneath the surface of the new park. Part of the project will see the creation of up to 1.9 million square feet of underground warehousing space. This is a unique proposal that protects and enhances the surface landscape whilst also providing valuable commercial rewards.

Local residents were in support of the proposals due to the huge benefits they will offer to the local area. The land is currently inaccessible but will become a new public park over the course of the project. The first accessible part is expected to be ready by 2020. This will be an attractive feature for residents and could increase demand for homes in the area. The mining and warehousing will create jobs too.

The project is innovative and could inspire similar plans in other parts of London as well as in big cities struggling with spatial limitations across the UK. It will be interesting to see how the work progresses and the full benefits it will offer to the local area.

Our team at Finefair will continue to offer the best block management Hounslow landlords can choose. If you need any help with this, or other aspects of letting, we can help.