Improving air quality in Lambeth

In December the Mayor of London announced the creation of the Brixton Low Emission Zone. The aim is to improve the air quality in the area, providing huge benefits for residents and regular visitors.

The air quality in Lambeth as a whole presents a number of problems, regularly proving to be amongst the worst for pollution in Europe. A major contributor to this is the number of buses that operate in the area. The Borough is very central so services from across Greater London reach the area. As a result there are thousands of buses carrying hundreds of thousands of people every day. To put this into focus there are 450 of the vehicles in Brixton alone.

The new Low Emission Zone will mean that only buses that meet the strictest emissions requirements will be able to operate in the area. It is believed that this alone could reduce air pollution by as much as 84%.

The focus on lower emissions from buses in the area will sit well alongside other measures being made in the Borough including the creation of better cycling infrastructure. All of these things could combine to help make the area a more pleasant one for residents and to help improve their health.

Lambeth has proven to be a very popular Borough in recent years due to the improvements being made. These latest ones could attract even more people to the area, presenting opportunities for investors.

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