Improvements to a greenway in Ealing

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Improving green spaces

An ambitious project is underway to make London into the first National Park City in the world. This will surprise many because, when they think about the city, the first thing they likely imagine is busy urban streets. There are plenty of green spaces to enjoy though. New funds are helping to improve many of them too.

River Brent

One of the projects aims to improve views along a nature trail that stretches between Greenford town centre and Gurnell Leisure Centre. It follows the River Brent and is a very beautiful area. In total Ealing Council is investing £375,000 to transform the 18 hectares of land. The funds are part of a £2.1million grant for six initiatives in London.

Much of the focus of the project is boosting biodiversity. With this in mind there will be new reed beds, meadows and wetlands, as well as woodland and orchards. As a result more wildlife could be attracted to the area.

The project will create plenty of new facilities for locals to enjoy. Firstly a forest school shall give people the chance to learn more about the habitats and nature. In addition the trails will improve for walkers and cyclists.

Better greenery and new amenities aren’t the only benefits of the project though. The work should also help to reduce flooding in the area and improve water quality.

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