Important news for landlords in Westminster

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In July there were a number of key announcements that would have a big impact on landlords. It is important to keep an eye on them and prepare for any changes.

How to Rent

The Section 21 form states that landlords have to provide tenants with the How to Rent guide. If they fail to do so they may be unable to reclaim a property. In July a number of amendments were added to the document. As a result this new up to date version must be provided at the beginning of all new tenancies.

Longer terms

One thing the Government is looking to do is encourage private landlords to offer longer term tenancies. There is a plan to introduce a three year model and financial incentives. One thing they could do is offer tax relief, making it more attractive to take on tenants for long terms.

Mandatory electrical testing

The Government wants to introduce mandatory checks on electrical installations in privately rented homes. The aim is to improve safety standards. It is expected that a five year rule will be introduced although a start date has not been set.

These three changes could have a big impact on landlords in Westminster. They will need to ensure they provide the How to Rent document and must be aware that electrical testing could become a lawful requirement. In addition they may want to consider the advantages of long term tenancies.

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