Identifying opportunities in Wandsworth

Wandsworth is one of the most favoured areas in London for affluent young professionals, particularly those who work in the finance and law industries. It is in a wonderful location, putting residents within touching distance of the city thanks to train services to Waterloo and across the river from the prime areas in the West such as Chelsea, Fulham and Westminster.

The borough has seen numerous smart investments over the year as investors and young professionals have looked to make the most for their money. You can see this in the multitude of luxurious properties, high end boutique shops, affluent restaurants, and well appointed pubs.

Families can also find a fantastic home in Wandsworth. There are numerous leafy streets with Edwardian and Victorian properties to choose from. On top of this there are good schools and lots of green spaces to enjoy. The Borough is renowned for having a low crime rate too.

Wandsworth has enjoyed significant growth in prices over the last few years due to the high demand. In fact in 2015 the borough and Hackney had the highest number of new properties reaching and exceeding £1 million valuations. The prices are still more competitive than in areas like those to the North of the Thames with investors, young professionals and families all still looking to buy in the area.

If you are looking for an investment outside of traditional prime areas but with access to the same great quality amenities, this is the borough for you. There are numerous potentially profitable options in Wandsworth itself and several connections to Fulham, Chelsea and Pimlico too. This means there are plenty of leisure opportunities for residents.

At Finefair we are committed to offering the best advice to those who are interested in investment properties in Ealing, Wandsworth, Islington and all other parts of the capital, helping them to choose the right area to invest in and a property that suits their needs. If you have any questions please contact us; we will be pleased to share the knowledge we have acquired in our years of working in the capital.