House prices are rising fastest in Zone 5

According to the latest data from Countrywide house prices in Zone 5 in London are now rising at a faster rate than any other area in the capital. This is the first time this has happened in the last ten years. Typically the highest growth is found in inner areas.

The data shows that demand continues to shift as people continue to look for locations where they can get great value for money. Zone 5 is very attractive because it offers more affordable prices and provides a great mix of homes. Many of these include gardens and other outdoor spaces, features that are very highly sought in the capital, particularly amongst people who live in the built up inner areas.

There are many attractive areas in Zone 5 to look for homes. Many of these are the focus of regeneration work and improvements in transport links, two additional factors that provide value.

The London Borough of Harrow is a great location that falls in Zone 5. The area has seen a good rise in house prices over the last handful of years but still offers a lot of value. It’s position in the North West is fantastic, meaning people will find themselves living an equal distance between the centre of the city and the beauty of the Chilterns AONB.

At Finefair we keep a close eye on hotspots across London so we can offer the best advice to anybody interested in purchasing a property. We can offer recommendations and advice based on our knowledge and the outlook for areas. Our team have a lot of experience to call on so each client can expect a reliable service.

We work with a number of investors who purchase homes as an investment. For many of these we provide property management solutions to keep their assets in a great condition, whether they are leased or left empty. We provide this service across Harrow and are on hand to help property owners to put the best plan in place to suit their requirements.