New homes with beautiful public garden squares

Islington has remained a popular destination as other parts of London have suffered from periods of growth and decline in the past. The reason is it effectively combines a great location, fantastic transport links, and value compared to more central areas. These factors help it to remain attractive to people looking for investment properties in Islington and owner-occupiers alike. The quality of the local schools is a big selling point too.

With so many young professionals and couples looking to get on to the property ladder targeting the area it is no surprise that new flats are in demand. Developers are working hard to provide these. The two newest projects effectively regenerated old properties and offer homes around central garden squares.

Packington Square is one of the projects. The former council estate has been extensively remodelled, creating a new neighbourhood. The low rise properties combine modern and classical architecture. The homes are in a great location near Angel in the south of the Borough.

Islington Square is the other attractive project. It has seen the regeneration of Edwardian warehouses, creating 263 loft-style flats above the old loading docks. The bays have been transformed into shops, creating a brand new shopping arcade. The surprising aspect of the property is that an acre of green roof gardens has been installed for communal use by residents.

The homes may prove to be very popular investment properties in Islington, particularly for their great designs and attractive locations. The demand for flats in the area also remains high so they should help to cater for this.

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