HMOs offer substantial benefits to property investors

There are a host of benefits offered by HMO property investment. Many landlords often express concerns regarding the effort involved, but the reality is that the rewards far outweigh the initial input, and being in possession of HMO properties can offer long term solutions and financial freedom. It is a particularly beneficial time for investment in the HMO sector as the government is actively promoting communal living as an affordable way of life. Furthermore, alterations to housing benefit legislation mean that single people under the age of 35 are only entitled to a room in a shared house. This has inevitably forced thousands of people into the HMO market.

Renters everywhere are in need of effective accommodation solutions. Every individual on the market from housing benefit claimants to paid professionals want quality shared housing. Rising numbers of people in the capital are turning to rented accommodation due to growing house prices and insufficient wages. The demand for high calibre housing is extremely high as people are not prepared to pay for and reside in unsuitable properties.

HMO properties can generate substantial return on investments. A well selected property has huge potential for providing you with a generous income as well as further benefits. You may want to invest in further properties and develop a portfolio or you could make large payments on your mortgage so you have an unencumbered asset for your retirement years. A HMO property alleviates concern about future changes to the market as you can conserve a portion of your monthly income to compensate for any unstable periods that may hit.

We specialise in helping investors turn their properties into licensed HMOs and hostels as well as increasing their overall value and income. A HMO property consists of multiple single rooms and shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. Our team has over ten years experience in this area and we have the specialist knowledge and capabilities to deliver the most beneficial support.

When we take on management of your HMO or hostel you will enjoy the many advantages offered by our comprehensive services. We handle every aspect and we can provide a tailor made service that suits your needs entirely. Our guaranteed rent in the City of Westminster and the rest of London offers you absolute security and uninterrupted rental payments for up to ten years, and we are a leading and reputable name for property management and guaranteed rent across London.