Hillingdon’s prices are rising rapidly

Property prices have risen throughout the whole of London in recent years as more and more people are looking to invest or move to the capital. However, it’s been in the news this week that Hillingdon’s property prices are rising faster than those in any other London borough, bringing new opportunities for landlords and prospective investors.

According to the figures, the average price of a property in this western borough reached a remarkable £400,000 at the end of February this year. This represents a rise of more than 17% in comparison to prices this time last year. These figures show that Hillingdon’s property values are growing at almost three times the national average rate, making now the ideal time to invest in a property in this part of the city.

Hillingdon has many appealing qualities which make it an exciting prospect for buyers and renters and may have contributed towards its escalating desirability. A large portion of the area is situated within the Metropolitan Green Belt and there are more than two hundred green spaces throughout the borough, making this one of the one of the least populated boroughs. This is an attractive quality for many people who wish to live or buy in London but do not wish to invest in a heavily built-up area. If you want to purchase a property to let to renters, or are considering making an investment to sell on and want to ensure it is likely to rise in value in the near future, Hillingdon could be a great area to start your search.

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