Hillingdon is now home to the most Green Flag Awards winners in the world

As mentioned in several previous articles homes in close proximity to parks and other public spaces can enjoy a premium. This is the same whether it comes to buying or renting, with properties carrying a higher price tag because of the location close to a sought after attraction.

There are a wide number of parks and green open spaces all across London. Many of these bear a prestigious Green Flag Award, recognising them as being amongst the best. The awards are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, having first been offered in 1996. Since then they have become renowned not just nationally in the UK but also around the world.

Hillingdon has the honour of having the highest number of Green Flag Award winning parks and open spaces by area in not just the UK but also the whole world. The Borough is now home to an incredible 42 of them following eight new awards in the last year. This is an incredible achievement and shows how much effort the local authority puts into caring for these spaces.

As a result of so many highly rated parks and open spaces there are a wide array of homes in Hillingdon that offer good premiums. These are attractive investments, particularly with the area also enjoying some of the fastest rises in house prices in the capital.

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