Havering is making its way into the solar age

Over a decade being involved in lettings and sales as well as property, block and estate management has taught us much about the market in the capital. This in turn has enabled us to evolve into a company that’s widely recognised. Operating throughout London, we have helped customers in finding their ideal properties and taken on the job of managing them. Havering one area we serve proudly, and to this day it has remained an immensely popular destination for buyers and investors.

Havering may very well become the first London council that’s powered via solar energy. Recently, plans were announced for the development of two solar parks, one each in Upminster and on the land that’s adjacent to Dagnam Park at Harold Hill. The renewable power that’s generated could bring in up to £1 million for the authority, money that could be utilised to fund frontline services.

It isn’t just the council that’s benefiting from this though. Residents would be able to invest in a solar financial investment fund. This is a scheme that could bestow long-term returns on investments for separate investors. A sum of the income that’s produced from the solar site located on Dagnam Park shall be transferred to a ring-fenced community fund. This will be used to upgrade and maintain not only the park, but the surrounding area too.

This news is likely to attract the attention of investors to the Borough and there’s no one better to help them find the right property than us. Having worked with investors for as long as we’ve been in business, we understand what it takes to satisfy their unique needs. The team in our employ can assist in evaluating your portfolio and identifying the specific areas where you can profit the greatest.

At Finefair we can give every client helpful hints and tips when it comes to new and exciting opportunities. For example, if a hot new structure has recently come onto the market, we can advise you on whether it’s the right one or is you’re better off investing in another building. We can also help you to save with property, block and estate management services in Havering and beyond.

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