Harrow landlords can feel more secure thanks to a guaranteed rent scheme

Due to the dynamics of the area sharing a border between London and Hertfordshire the Harrow area is a much sought after, desirable residential location. This has, understandably, attracted a higher than usual for the region amount of property investment. Finefair is an organization dedicated to ensuring that property owners and landlords derive the maximum benefit that Guaranteed Rent Harrow and surrounding areas can afford on their investment.

Our services are geared towards to providing a flexible, beneficial and professional management service that ensures a significant return on investment from your property. This Finefair always strives and endeavours to achieve with the minimal level of calling on the valuable time and resources of the property owner. We believe that as the investor has already undertaken the significant financial commitment in the property, it is both reasonable and understandable that they expect to reap the rewards of this without sacrificing their own time or further resources.

Our commitment to ensuring that you reap the greatest rewards Guaranteed Rent Harrow and surrounding areas has to offer mean that our services are provided on the basis of a 0% rate of commission and no management fees are attracted or attached. The proud status Finefair has of being the preferred supplier of services for the Local Authority allows us to offer this honest and transparent approach.

The status we have as a preferred supplier also affords to us the ability to display a flexibility in service that can adapt to meet your expectations and requirements. Our management and guaranteed rent agreements can be adapted to suit any required length of time period, from six months through to several years. With over ten years of leading the guaranteed rental services, Finefair has long-standing relationships in place with renowned property investors.

The service we give is comprehensive and not just limited to delivering the benefits of guaranteed rental income. We conduct full and thorough inspections of all properties on a regular basis, undertaking to meet the financial needs of any required maintenance and repairs. Finefair also undertakes all of the administration matters relevant to property management, such as ensuring that the requirements in respect of utility and Council Tax bills are met.

The Guaranteed Rent Harrow properties managed by Finefair offer is not conditional on occupancy. This unique approach means that your maximum potential realising of a return on investment is entirely condition free. Our priority is to make sure you enjoy the profits of your property portfolio as you should.