Handling ongoing repair and maintenance work

When you own a rental property, maintenance is an ongoing task which needs to be carefully considered. Your property needs to be kept in good condition and any problems need to be fixed as swiftly as possible to ensure your tenants stay comfortable and that your property does not fall into serious disrepair.

Handling maintenance by yourself can be extremely time consuming, not to mention complex, especially if you own a block or multiple investments in different places. If you want to stay on top of maintenance in your properties, the best way is to use the services of professional property management specialists, such as our team.

There are various different important factors to think about when it comes to caring for and maintaining your property. To begin with, you need to prepare before the tenant actually moves in by repainting, touching up any areas which have become worn during the previous tenancy, tidying up the garden and having the whole place thoroughly cleaned. More importantly, you should also ensure that alarms, gas appliances and electrical systems are all in full working order. It is your legal duty to ensure that these aspects of the property are safe for your tenant and that an annual gas safety check is carried out.

Once the tenant is actually in the property, various maintenance and repair issues are sure to arise throughout their tenancy, such as plumbing issues, boiler breakdowns or furniture breakages. The appropriate tradesmen will need to be called to rectify these kinds of problems as quickly as possible, not only to keep tenants happy and safe but also to make sure they do not escalate into potentially larger and more expensive issues further down the line.

Regular property maintenance is one of the most important considerations for any landlord, but when we are handling it, you and your tenant can be confident that any necessary work will be completed swiftly and professionally. We provide full property, estate and block management in Sutton and across all other areas of London, ensuring that investment properties are well taken care of.