Hampton is Richmond upon Thames’ bargain postcode

Investors in London have lots of options when it comes to tenants. They could choose to appeal to students only in the city for a few years or alternatively go for families looking for a long term home. There is even the middle ground of people who rent while they save for a home. At Finefair we can help clients to choose the right area and target market. We also offer useful services such as the best guaranteed rent Richmond upon Thames has.

Renting to save

Lots of people aspire to own their own home. In London the best way to do this is live on a budget until they have enough savings for a deposit. One way they can save is to move to an area in the capital where rents are cheaper. Some people don’t want to miss out on amenities though, limiting where they can move to. A solution is to look for bargain areas in their preferred Borough.

Hampton (TW12) is one of the top bargain areas in London, beaten only by Maida Vale (W9). Here the average rent was around 43% lower than the average for Richmond upon Thames as a whole (based on Emoov figures from November). W9 as a comparison had prices that were 49% cheaper than the average for Westminster.

There is plenty to love in Hampton as well as the cheaper rents. For example there are long stretches of riverside along the Thames. These are home to great trails for walking and also amenities such as an open air swimming pool and a ferry. The town is very green, bordered on two sides by Bushy Park. As a result there is lots of open space to enjoy. Commuters have two train stations to choose from and can travel to Waterloo in around 45 minutes.

Guaranteeing rent

Investors could earn a good return by targeting cheaper postcodes. Homes in these areas are more affordable and demand can be much higher from people looking to save for their own home in the future. Finefair can help clients looking to invest in these homes.

One thing to think about is the potential losses during void periods. If you have a concern about this choose the best guaranteed rent Richmond upon Thames has to offer. Finefair give you assurances that you won’t lose out, even if a property is vacant. Contact us to find out more or check out the video on our website.