Hackney Central is very attractive for renting

The London Borough of Hackney has transformed from one of the least loved areas in the capital to arguably the most desired in the last twenty years. The location is ideal and regeneration work has had a huge impact. New cultural quarters have appeared, providing a wonderful diversity. On top of this numerous businesses have been attracted, creating even more attractions for visitors and residents alike.

Hackney Central has become one of the most highly sought areas in the Borough. The location offers great transport links, close proximity to a multitude of attractions including the Empire, and numerous luxury shopping options.

The housing stock in Hackney Central is varied, including attractive Georgian houses, spacious flats in Victorian terraces, and new build apartments too. There is a property to suit every type of requirement. The local council encourages mixed use new developments, helping to provide both new homes and additional commercial spaces. This is great news for the area as demand for both is high.

The transformation in attitudes towards the Borough and surge in demand has been reflected by the prices. Homes in the area can command great values, even those in areas which were previously unattractive.

Rental demand in the area also remains high due to the wonderful location. Renters tend to be young professionals and couples. This is reflected in the number of flats and apartments on offer as well as HMOs. House sharing is common, particularly with the high prices.

At Finefair we understand the fantastic draw that Hackney is. We provide an array of services in the area as a result, working with landlords and tenants alike. One service we offer is guaranteed rent, giving property owners the opportunity to make a set monthly fee without fail. We are highly regarded for offering this because it delivers great security.

If you are looking at the rental scene in Hackney, either as a tenant, a landlord, or a prospective investor you can call on us for help.