Guaranteeing a return on your investment

If you follow the news in general, it will not have escaped your attention that “buy to let properties” have become a frequently reported and commented on concept. There is at the moment a significant increase in the number of people seeking investment properties to let out. Many do this as a means of securing their future pension funding, or to supplement their current income. As traditionally UK residents have preferred to rent their homes rather than buy – the percentage of the population living in rented homes has seldom dipped below 65% over the last century – there is a large and lucrative market for buy to let properties. If you want to make sure you get the best property deal for buy to let, you need the help of professional property managers. At Finefair we are proud to be regarded as the leading team for property and estate management in Hammersmith and Fulham and the rest of London, with our trusted name and good reputation allowing us to assist people with their property investments.

There is of course a great difference between the existence of a buoyant and healthy market for leased properties and property owners being in prime position to maximise their return on investment. Attempting to set up and manage private leasing or rental agreements with tenants can be a time consuming task that not all investment property owners are prepared for. We can help you to get the full benefits of your property investment, so you won’t need to devote any further time or financial funding towards success.

We are experts in setting up the ideal long or short term agreement which will allow you to simply receive and appreciate rental income from your property. Whether the best stream of revenue for your property is from a private letting arrangement, or through either our guaranteed rent services or council leasing, we are in the prime position to make sure you get the best deal and the highest returns. In the last ten years alone we have managed property portfolios to a value in excess of £500m, with the assurance of a fixed, guaranteed income from investment properties being key for those who have trusted us to deliver expert property management.