Guaranteed rental schemes in the City of Westminster to suit any need

For centuries the City of Westminster and London were separate. When the seat of Government was established in the former in the mid 11th century it brought great investment. By the 16th century the fields between the areas had been replaced by buildings as a period of great expansion took place. Villages including Kensington and Marylebone also got absorbed. These developments created Central London as we know it today.

Now the City of Westminster is home to many of the landmarks that people from around the world associate with London including Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Downing Street. In addition the Borough has one of the largest populations, sitting in the top third in terms of the number of residents. The value of homes in the area is also very high, making it one of the top prime markets.

At Finefair we work with a number of clients who own properties in Westminster. Our aim is to deliver the very best services for them, particularly if they want us to take care of lettings and management. We have a lot of experience of dealing with the most valuable properties and adapt to ensure we can retain them effectively and deliver the best possible returns.

One option we offer is guaranteed rent in the City of Westminster. This is a useful service for landlords who want assurances on their income. By signing up to one of our schemes you can get just that and we will take responsibility for finding tenants, marketing the property, managing it, and countless other things.

We have been offering flexible guaranteed rent schemes for several years. Property owners can choose a scheme length to suit them and we will ensure we provide monthly rental incomes without fail. We understand our responsibility and work hard to ensure that every party gets the very best from the agreement.

If you are worried about finding tenants or having enough time to manage properties we can provide the right services for you. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and find out more about working with us.