Guarantee your rent and secure your future

The last five years in London have seen an unprecedented 25% rise in rental rates. This incredible increase has occurred across many London boroughs but has been particularly prevalent in the centre of the capital.

If we examine the London property market we can see that there has been a substantial growth in the rental market and income in general and this has inevitably led to greater and more solidified success for investors who operate within the buy to let market. When people enter the world of buy to let, they are usually aiming to secure longevity, financial prosperity and security. Property investment can prove to be outstandingly lucrative time and time again and when long term security is the goal it can offer a very fruitful future.

Of all the major cities across the globe London is home to the highest occupancy rate. Figures currently stand at around at 80% which means that 20% of properties available for rent are actually unoccupied. The unfortunate reality of this is that many investors and landlords are effectively losing money as their properties stand empty. Leasing your property can provide you with a regular income, but without tenants your valuable investment is not providing you with any return.

Guaranteed rent schemes are implemented to secure a healthy financial future for landlords and investors. They ensure the location and placement of suitable tenants and regular rental payments even if the property suffers a period without a tenant. The schemes include regular maintenance checks and coverage of any costs pertaining to damage. Flexibility and security are the aim of the schemes and in uncertain times they are a sure fire way to secure investment and begin reaping the financial rewards. We can guarantee your rent in any London borough, including Tower Hamlets, Haringey, Redbridge and Ealing, or any location within the UK.