Guarantee your income in 2015

If you want to make a brand new start in 2015 and are looking for new and innovative ways to manage your property while still making a healthy income from them, you may wish to take part in our guaranteed rent scheme.

Many landlords have concerns about guaranteed rent, but when you are working with us you have the reassurance of working with the most reputable property company in London. For more than a decade, we have been renowned for providing the best property, block and estate management in Hounslow and throughout the rest of London, and in addition to managing your property we can also provide you with an outstanding guaranteed rent package to help you gain the best possible income from your investment.

The principle behind guaranteed rent could not be easier. You simply sign the property over to our care for an agreed period of time, which could be anything up to a decade, and we will pay the rent straight to you for that amount of time while also managing and taking care of the property on your behalf. Your tenants will be well looked after, maintenance issues will be quickly taken care of, and you will not have to worry about any aspect of day to day landlord duties or estate management. Best of all, you will receive a consistent income no matter whether the property is occupied or not.

For landlords who want the make money from their investment without constant work, or for those who own multiple or complex properties and do not have the time to manage them all alone, this is the ideal solution. We are the only company who will guarantee rent on any type of property, providing unparalleled flexibility and service.

If you’re a brand new property investor or a long established one looking to make 20154 your most successful year yet, we can offer the help, support and guidance you need. We’re completely dedicated to providing our clients with the very best rates of guaranteed rent in London, which has ensured our reputation as the preferred provider for all London boroughs.