Growing your portfolio

Owning a portfolio of properties is an excellent way to make money. As long as your portfolio is kept up to date and the right investments are undertaken, there is unlimited money making potential within your portfolio that can certainly give you plenty of income to benefit from over several years.

As long as you choose the right investment properties and consistently update and maintain your portfolio, you will have something to fall back on when you choose to retire. Our team can help to keep your portfolio in great health by helping it to grow, enabling you to identify every opportunity for making a profit.

Growing your portfolio is something that needs to be pursued carefully. When looking for investment properties, you need to ensure that they are suitable for your specific situation. New properties should match your income and you should be able to manage them without overstretching your resources. When investing, you also need to make sure that your property is in good condition, or that you have enough money left over to perform the necessary repairs and maintenance. In the case of your portfolio, you need to ensure that enough money is left over to maintain your existing properties. This means you need to make an investment that is suited to your current income.

We have extensive experience in dealing with investors looking to boost their own portfolios, and we provide a wide range of services including block and property management, investor services and council leasing in Barnet and beyond. We have worked with hundreds of investors to help build and expand their portfolios, as well as guaranteeing their incomes to ensure that they receive significant returns. We help to identify the best possible property for you to invest in by using our partnerships with various property dealers and holders such as banks, agents and even at auction. Before purchase, we will organise a guaranteed rent agreement and then help to maximise income by making additional living areas if possible, increasing the number of tenants possible. Once done, we will pay you a guaranteed amount of rent for the next ten years.

Working with our team will help you to boost your portfolio and also to maximise your income. We provide services tailored to our clients and their needs, ensuring that they receive excellent customer service and the exact help required to expand their portfolio and to ensure that it is as healthy as possible with unlimited potential for growth.