Green living is on the rise in London

The importance of well designed green spaces in urban areas cannot be overstated. They help to improve the health and wellbeing of residents, reducing stress and anxiety in the process. Not surprisingly more and more people are taking these on board, creating homes across the capital that have useful green spaces.

Green schemes for homes can come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. They can also have quite different focuses. Some promote gardening whereas others are designed to attract wildlife. There are options for people who have homes with gardens and others for those who live in flats and only have a small terrace or balcony to play with.

A surprising thing is that the number of people in London who keep bees is on the rise. By planting the correct plants, flowers, and trees it is possible to attract bees to an area. The end result is an increase in biodiversity. In Aldgate there is a sixth floor rooftop home to 100,000 bees and a company that makes their own honey and products made from beeswax.

Greenwich is one of the greenest Boroughs in London so it is not surprising that people there are taking a close look at green living. The Peninsula Ecology Park is a fascinating place to visit and live close to. The four acres is home to a number of freshwater habitats and attracts all kinds of wildlife. The park is very well managed and offers an array of interesting and interactive events.

Surprisingly green homes and those properties located close to green areas are in high demand in the capital. People want to live in homes and locations where they can be comfortable and ease the stress of living in busy urban area.

At Finefair we offer an array of services to investors looking to attract tenants to their properties. One area where we stand out is as the leading provider of council leasing Greenwich has. We can work with clients who have homes all across the area, including located close to attractive green spaces. These homes can be in high demand but there may still be concerns about void periods and lost income. Leasing with the local council provides protection against these.