Taking good care of your tenants

The economic chaos that the UK was thrown into saw landlords struggling greatly in the immediate aftermath. The recovery from the financial crisis has taken years, and many households still deal with difficult months financially. However, the long term forecast for the rental market is very positive. Figures from latest studies reveal that rental arrears have more than halved since the extreme financial difficulties that tenants faced in 2010.

The UK is now seeing rising wages and falling employment levels which has led to the economy inevitably turning in favour of tenants. Continuation of these positive changes will result in rental becoming more affordable and a greater reduction in arrears. The result of the general improvement in the property market and the economy is that tenants are now in a position to stabilise their finances and repair their income streams. This means that both tenants and landlords can now support each other’s finances.

Letting your property privately can prove extremely lucrative and many investors throughout the capital are benefitting from buy to let investments. Our expert guidance and support is in place to help you maximise your returns and secure a flourishing future. As confidence in the market continues to grow it is the opportune time to invest in the rental sector or expand on existing portfolios.

Professional property management and guaranteed rent schemes provide landlords with comprehensive support. Managing and maintaining a property can be extremely time consuming and eat into other areas of your life. We can take over the reins and free up your time. When you participate in our schemes you receive a regular rental payment and peace of mind without any of the responsibility.

Building good relationships with tenants is invaluable. Providing safe and well presented properties guarantees reliable, high calibre and low maintenance tenants. Our service covers the upkeep of your property and meets the requirements of all tenants. We provide a professional service that constructs and maintains a mutually beneficial relationship between you and the individuals that occupy your investment properties. We can even offer guaranteed rent in Tower Hamlets, London and throughout the rest of the UK. Get in touch for further information about what we can do for you and your tenants.