Gardens in London have lots of potential

Homes in London with gardens will always command a premium. This is because space is in such high demand in the city and people love having their own private outdoor spaces.

One thing to remember though is that simply having the space won’t maximise the potential. If you neglect it you could lose out on a lot of value. This is why it is wise to consider investing in a good design and keeping on top of the maintenance. Ideally you want to create an outdoor space that will look great all year round. As a result it will enhance the aesthetics of the property in the process.

A great example in Islington

A canalside home in Islington showcases exactly how to approach the project. The aim was to create a garden that would always be green, require little maintenance, and providing a space for socialising. The challenge was that the space was constantly on show due to the large glazing. The right investment was needed.

It is difficult to make sure a garden will be green all year round. You need to opt for ever-green plants and trees as the basis of the design. Then you can include some seasonal touches that will change over the course of the year and keep everything fresh. Remember to keep maintenance in mind though.

Make the most of the potential

Investors who want to make the best possible returns should make sure they are maximising the potential of the garden. They could prove to be the major selling point for a property, attracting potential buyers and tenants.

Finefair understands what it takes to make good returns on properties in London. In fact we offer a number of specialist services to ensure clients can do just that. For one we are the best for block management Islington has to offer. We can take care of entire blocks, including any external spaces.

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