Can football affect the property market?

Newly conducted research reveals that football may have a significant impact on the West London Property market. The FA cup final between Arsenal and Aston Villa which was played last month at Wembley Stadium marked the ninth time the final was held there since its construction in 2007. In the last 8 years, house prices in Brent have increased by 5.3% with the average Wembley property price at £368,944, which is higher than the national average of £208,697.

The last time Aston Villa reached a final was in 2000 and the match was played at the previous Wembley Stadium. At this point the average UK house price was £85,000. When Arsene Wenger became the manager for Arsenal in 1996 the average UK house price was £60,000. Since that time the London football team has made it to the FA cup final six times and in that period we have seen Islington property prices rise considerably.

The rise in house prices reflects the growing popularity and appeal of an area. If you are considering investment in property, then location is key. By investing in boroughs where prices are affected by major cultural and sporting events, you can secure potential long term financial solutions as more and more people choose to live there. Despite the hike in prices, there are still plenty of opportunities. Investment in rental property is one of the most lucrative ways to ensure an attractive, long term income. The rental market in the capital is booming as more and more people choose to become tenants rather than buyers.

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