Focus on Barnet

Barnet has enjoyed big growth in demand in 2016, becoming one of the most attractive Boroughs in the whole of London. In April eMoov reported that demand had risen by 11%, increasing competition for properties and their prices too.

Investors will be drawn to the opportunities the situation in Barnet offers. They will also appreciate the outlook that eMoov has for the area. The online estate agent claimed that the average price for a home in the area was £625,000 in April but expected it to rise a great deal in the next 14 years. By 2030 they anticipate the average to exceed £1 million. That would suggest that now is a great time to snap up good properties in the area.

At Finefair we are committed to offering personal, reliable support to investors. We can help them to determine their needs, including the type of property they are looking for, their budgets for purchase and repairs or developments, and whether they are looking at sales or letting. There are a lot of options and opportunities so it is good to have an individual with experience in the property market to call on.

One service we are incredibly proud to offer is block management. This is designed for investors who own a portfolio of properties in a specific area. It allows us to manage all of them effectively whilst offering cost savings to the client. We have extensive experience and put a great deal of effort in to ensuring that every single property is managed to our very high standards.

As part of our property management services we can inspect homes as frequently as you require and report back with information on the condition. This allows us to keep you up to date and also means we can be proactive with maintenance. The latter offers big benefits including the potential for reduced costs. By checking for problems regularly and conducting repairs when necessary we reduce the likelihood of large, costly problems occurring.

If you are looking to invest in Barnet you can contact us for support. Alternatively, if you already own properties in the area and want to ensure they are managed properly and deliver the best returns you can choose a service from us.