Finding the cheapest place to rent as a group

Finefair has a huge amount of experience, ensuring we can deliver the best services for investors looking at properties in London. We can manage any kind of home, including HMOs. As a result we are the top team for property management Bexley and several other Boroughs have.

London is one of the most expensive places to rent in the whole world. Demand is high and supply is short, resulting in very high prices. As a result people look for ways to save. One option is to live in the suburbs and commute in. An alternative is to live in a HMO and share rent amongst other residents.

Cheapest location

New research shows that Bexley is the cheapest area for HMO rent in London. For a group of four sharing a home the average monthly total rent is £1,633.52. As a result the share per resident is £407.37. This is a huge 35% behind the average for the capital as a whole (£629).

Bexley is a very popular suburb because of the affordable house prices. It is located in Zone 6 but commuters can reach the centre of London in under an hour on the train. This makes it a very attractive location. In addition a new Crossrail Station is opening in December 2018 in Abbey Wood. This will provide even faster connections.

Group size

While living in a group of four in Bexley is the cheapest, it is more affordable to live in different group sizes in other areas. For example it is cheaper to live as a three in Haringey, Hillingdon, and even Hammersmith and Fulham. In Camden and Westminster it is better to share rent with one other person.

Finefair has the skills to manage HMOs of various size. More importantly we can help landlords to meet their responsibilities, including ensuring they have the right licensing. We are the number one for property management Bexley has and also offer guaranteed rent if clients need extra protection.

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