Everything great about Colliers Wood

Colliers Wood is home to some of the most interesting investment properties Merton investors can look at. The area began as a hotspot for manufacturing. The River Wandle was the inspiration for this because the waters had a strong flow. As a result they were perfect for powering mills. Consequently, there were businesses producing a wide selection of different products. The location also inspired the arts and crafts movement.


Nowadays the area is a little different. It is most notable as a great location for shopping. There is plenty to offer shoppers in the area, including two out of town style shopping centres, large branches of supermarkets, as well as the high street. If that wasn’t enough, great local transport links offer quick connections to neighbouring areas and the city centre. As a result there are even more leisure options.

Property scene

Along the banks of the Wandle you can find a number of attractive Victorian cottages. They have beautiful flat fronts and also overlook the river. The aesthetics and great location make them very popular.

The majority of the housing in Colliers Wood is terraces. There are rows of homes from different eras, including modest Victorian properties, slightly larger Edwardian ones, and also newer homes. Some of these properties have been converted into flats.

The staying power in the area has increased recently. More people, investors included, are looking to extend homes to make them more spacious. This includes converting lofts and adding to the back and side of buildings. The projects are increasing the number of larger family homes.

Families already love the area because it is home to the highly rated Singlegate state primary school. There are other good schools nearby, including two private schools in Wimbledon.

Professional support

If it is your aim to find the best investment properties Merton has available Finefair can help. We will assist clients in searching the whole Borough for the right opportunities, this includes Colliers Wood.

The thing that makes our services stand out is how effectively we support clients. This provides many benefits, including putting them at ease and maximising value. Therefore, if you would like our assistance please get in touch.