An ever-evolving, family-friendly London Borough

The London Borough of Enfield is located in the north of our capital and to this day remains one of the most sought after home destinations in the city. Having rather humble beginnings, Enfield Town was once a small market town located in the county of Middlesex on the edge of the forest. As London expanded, the area surrounding region eventually evolved into a residential suburb, with the evolution continuing even to this day.

In June, plans were announced for a substantial housing project that planned to introduce 10,000 new homes to young families beside Enfield’s Lee Valley Regional Park. This is undoubtedly one of the country’s largest housing projects. It will also include a new train station, with commutes of 25 minutes to Liverpool Street and an 18-minute rail link to the Stratford area.

The plan’s first phase, which consists of 725 homes and the new station, is due to be ready in 2018. Shops, schools, sports facilities and a medical centre will be built in addition. In the long term, there shall be a station that connects to Crossrail 2 in 2030.

The land that is being utilised for the project covers 85 hectares and is right next to Lee Valley Regional Park, which itself is an expansive green swathe that’s ideal for picnics, sports and walks with the family. It stretches along River Lee’s banks from Docklands to Hertfordshire and the developer is planning to have a mix of family homes and flats constructed here.

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