Enfield properties are sought after for council leasing

Of all the London boroughs, Enfield stands out for its numerous claims to fame. For instance, this was the place where the world’s first ever ATM cash machine was installed and used. It was also in Enfield that companies manufactured automatic dishwashers and solid state colour TVs for the first time. Enfield carries on its reputation as a dynamic modern location to this day, with many property investors viewing the borough as an attractive area to purchase in.

Part of this appeal is the possibility of making significant returns from council leasing and guaranteed rent. Enfield has experienced various successful regeneration and redevelopment programmes over the last few years, which has increased demand for homes in the area. To be able to meet this demand, the authorities of the borough have turned to professional property managers such as ourselves to secure private properties for council leasing. Enfield, like many of the leading London boroughs, have made us their preferred suppliers of council leasing services.

The primary purpose of investing in property is to generate a sustained and frequently yielding financial return. Our guaranteed rent agreement delivers this, no matter how long you want us to represent your property for in terms of council leasing. The agreement will see you receiving fixed monthly payments regardless of whether or not the property is occupied. Our agreements also give you access to our celebrated property management services, which mean that you have the certainty of knowing your investment is being maintained in a way that upholds and enhances the value.

The London Borough of Enfield Council have been proactive in the way they have addressed the need to meet housing demands in the area. With London remaining as one of the most desirable places to live in the world, demand for residential living space is large. With our council leasing expertise and property management in Enfield and across the rest of London, we hope to ensure beneficial arrangements for investors, landlords and tenants alike.