Easy ways to boost the value of your property

When you make the decision to sell your home you want to try and make the maximum return you can, especially taking into account that this is probably the most valuable asset you will own. Consulting a local property company will help you get the advice and guidance you need to smooth out the process. At Finefair, we have extensive experience with all property matters, including acting as a lettings agent in Southwark and the rest of the boroughs. Our knowledge of the market could prove invaluable for you, particularly in terms of knowing what things you need to do to make your property more appealing. Choosing a locally based specialist such as Finefair also means they should be knowledgeable about your area and the price you can expect.

When hiring an estate agent you need to ensure you work with a specialist who knows how to show off your property in the right way. We know how to present your property in the right way and have dealt with many thousands of properties of different types, meaning that we are in the perfect position to offer you help and advice.

When it comes to selling there are a few things you can do to increase the value of your home and boost the potential for a quick sale. Many of these are free of charge and deal with how the property is presented. For pictures, make sure to clear away all clutter and ensure the interior spaces are presentable. When people see photographs they want to imagine their own possessions in the home, not worry about cluttered rooms. Make sure rooms are clear when viewings take place as well.

The next easy thing to do is repair as many signs of wear as you can and take care of all those important finishing touches. If there are broken light bulbs, replace them. If curtains are looking a big shabby clean or change them. You want to make everything look as new and well cared for as possible.

A big thing many home owners forget or ignore when it comes to selling is external spaces. Gardens are big attractions for buyers, especially if they have children. Removing weeds and clearing up is a simple way to make the most of these spaces. You can go a step further by doing a little planting and making the gardens look more colourful.

If you don’t mind investing a little money you can make the property much more attractive by giving rooms a new coat of paint. Neutral colours are the best option because they give buyers the best opportunity to imagine what they can do with spaces. Freshening up doors, skirting boards and other timbers is a good idea because it is one job the buyer won’t have to do.