Ealing property can offer significant returns

Although London’s public transport system is highly regarded and admired around the world, those living and working in the city know only too well it’s been due for improvement for quite some time now. Thankfully, these improvements are on the way, with an increased number of Thames Crossrail links and the new Elizabeth Line expected to ease congestion considerably.

The new rail services are expected to become fully operational over the course of the next five years. During this period, it is expected that the areas of London which will benefit the most from the increased level of public transport are going to experience a significant economic boom. This will be most visible in the property market, with significant value increases being widely anticipated. Of the areas expected to be affected, Ealing is all set to experience considerable growth.

Ealing is already a highly sought after area of London. The borough is famous worldwide for being home to Ealing Film Studios, and its close proximity to the centre of London’s financial district makes it a very desirable area for many renters and buyers. While this does mean that investment properties here tend to be in a higher cost bracket, the forecast figures show that significant returns are quite possible.

A recent survey concerning property affected by the new public transport changes came to the conclusion that property in Ealing is likely to rise by 50% in value by the time all of the changes are functional. If looked at in isolation, this projected increase looks exaggerated. However, when considered in terms of the current trends in London property values and the changes to transport, this projection seems more realistic.

While the exact value rises remain to be seen, there can be little doubt that they will increase. This is a view we can confidently reach on the basis of demand for property in the present day, excluding the benefits the new and improved level of public transport will bring. If you are looking to invest in an area of London which is all set to deliver sustained and profitable growth, Ealing should be an area of focus. Our expert investment and letting agent services will ensure you get the best returns.