Ealing offers homes with good outdoor space

West London is full of desirable areas for renters. Although central Boroughs like Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea come with big price tags, further out there is much more value for money to find. One of the most popular areas is Ealing, particularly with a new Crossrail station coming in the near future. This will provide significantly faster journeys than the 29 minutes it currently takes to reach Holburn Street in the city centre.

With renters having such a high opinion of the area, more and more people are looking at investment properties in Ealing. There are plenty of good prospects on offer, particularly with the size of the Borough and the number of different popular areas. Ealing itself is right at the top of the list but then there are equally regarded areas such as Acton and Hanwell worth considering.

The biggest selling point for a property in Ealing is the amount of space typically on offer with homes. Outdoor space can add a lot of value to a home and properties in this Borough tend to have a good amount due to its suburban location. The spaces are good from an investment perspective, offering potential for property expansion, renovation, and the creation of multiple use outdoor spaces.

The market in Ealing is maturing and improvements in the infrastructure are also attracting more businesses to the Borough. This means that there are even more amenities on offer for residents to enjoy, whether they rent or buy.

At Finefair we have seen the steady rise in the number of people considering investment properties in Ealing. We can assist each of these people in exploring the market and determining exactly what type of property they are looking for. In addition we excel at management and can tailor a service to suit every specific requirement.

Ealing is a very popular area for renters and is definitely worth considering from an investment perspective. If you have any questions and would like our professional team to address them please get in touch.