Ealing has a fantastic property market with plenty of different types of home

Ealing has a maturing property market and is proving to be very popular amongst buyers and renters alike. One of the biggest selling points is the semi-rural feel. There are plenty of tree-lined streets to choose from and open green spaces to enjoy too. Good transport connections to Central London make it even more popular, particularly with commuters.

There are a number of great areas in the Borough to choose from if you are trying to decide where to live. Ealing itself can tick all of the right boxes. There are apartments and flats in the centre of the town and great amenities to take advantage of including Ealing Studios. The University of West London is in the area too, making it very attractive to students.

As you move away from Ealing town centre you encounter larger Victorian homes on the aforementioned tree lined streets. These are great for families and people moving up the property ladder. The largest homes are found in the Mount Park Conservation Area. The five and six bedroom detached properties are very desirable.

Ealing Council is committed to supporting residents with all of their property needs, including providing housing and offering tips to property owners. The latter can help the authority to meet their housing requirements by opting for council leasing. There are some fantastic rewards available for choosing for this and it is an option that many landlords love.

The property scene in Ealing gives the area really good staying power and supports the community feel. As mentioned there are all kinds of properties available and opportunities to climb the ladder. It is no surprise that people choose to stay and become a part of the community.

At Finefair we understand the property scene in Ealing and the wider Borough. Landlords considering letting their property can come to us to understand the options available to them. Whatever method they choose, whether it is council leasing or private, we can provide services. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our team.