Dynamic and exciting – interesting events in Sutton’s past

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In 2014 the London Borough was named as the “most normal” place in Britain because it had a population that was a good average for the UK. The area itself is dynamic and exciting though. There are some great amenities to enjoy and plenty of reasons to live here. In addition a number of exciting things happened in the past. We take a look at some of them below.

Nonsuch Palace

The building was once one of the grandest properties owned by Henry VIII. It was a brand new build in the 16th century and had a magnificent design. When Charles II was in power he gave it to Lady Castlemaine. Sadly she had huge gambling debts and oversaw the systematic dismantling of the building, selling the materials.

The Winning Post

One of the biggest rock and roll bands in the world got their big break in this local pub. The Rolling Stones went on to storm the music world and change it forever.

A puma

In October 1970 a boy was attacked by a puma on the Oldfields Trading Estate. The big cat was one of several animals that a local builder owned. As a result of the incident new legislation on owning big cats came into force. The animals went to a zoo.

Old bylaws

In 2011 the local council revoked some quite unusual bylaws in the area. The move meant throwing orange peel, carrying bags of soot, as well as ‘wilful jostling’ were no longer offences that could lead to arrest.

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