Driving regeneration along the Thames Path in Wandsworth

The Thames Path is a fantastic local amenity, attracting people who like to walk and adding value to homes along the side of the river. It also provides a useful transport route for a number of people, including pedestrians and cyclists. Surprisingly some sections of it are closed due to previous industrial activity.

In October a section at Lombard Wharf, Battersea in the London Borough of Wandsworth was opened for the first time in 120 years. It is hoped the improvement in accessibility and the infrastructure will inspire development in the area, leading to more jobs, homes, and investment.

It is hoped that the newly opened section of the Thames Path at Lombard Wharf will be chosen as the destination for the planned Diamond Jubilee Bridge. If this occurred it could drive regeneration even more by increasing access to the north of the river, including Fulham and Earls Court.

If plans go to schedule the bridge could open in 2019. Pre-construction work could take place relatively quickly if negotiations for funding prove to be successful. The local council is working hard to secure the necessary funds for the project.

Wandsworth is an attractive Borough for investors because of the location, excellent open spaces and transport links. The proximity to the west end of London is great for residents, presenting the opportunity to save but still be relatively close by.

At Finefair we appreciate the investment potential on offer in the Borough. That is why we provide such a wide array of services. One in particular we are known for is council leasing Wandsworth landlords can trust. This is an option where you can choose to put a property into the hands of the local authority and have them find tenants. They will provide assurances on the rental income for you and ensure the property is managed effectively.

Leasing with Wandsworth Council could be a great option for many investors. If you want to find out more you can discuss it with our team.