The diversity of Camden is reflected in the housing and our services

Camden is considered to be one of the most vibrant Boroughs in the whole of London. It has a unique feel and is also in a fantastic location close to the very heart of the capital. There are numerous attractions in and around the area and great transport links to take advantage of.

Housing in the Borough is very varied, reflecting the myriad of different people attracted to living here. There are plenty of streets of older terraced houses along with blocks of modern apartments. Newer council estates are also spread across Camden, many of them home to people who have purchased their flats.

The Borough of Camden is amongst the most popular in London; this is reflected in the house prices. Much like the capital as a whole the east side of the area has the lowest prices. For example there are big differences between the costs of a home in Gospel Oak and Kentish Town in the east when compared to Primrose Hill in the west.

Hampstead Heath is arguably the most commanding feature of Camden. It is a huge area, covering an impressive 360 hectares. Many people think of it as a single park but it is in fact a collection of playing fields, ponds, brooks, and woodland, all combining to make a really impressive green area. The Heath shows what the Borough looked like before expansion occurred in the 1800s and more homes were built.

Transport links in Camden are really good because of its central location. There are a number of Underground and Overground stations, providing connections with the rest of the capital and beyond. Bus services in the Borough are good too. On top of this cycling is encouraged in the area. Hampstead Heath has a lot of routes for people who enjoy a leisurely cycle while the Grand Union Canal is good for commuting.

At Finefair we know all about the wonderful attractions in Camden and what attracts people to live in the area. This knowledge is reflected in our range of personal services. We provide everything from lettings to investment.

Estate management in Camden is one area where we truly excel; we can manage properties and shared areas in all kinds of estates for clients. With our help the condition of all of them can be retained and tenant satisfaction will improve.

To find out more about Camden or any of our services please get in touch with our team.