Developing a key site in Bromley town centre

Churchill Gardens in Bromley town centre will become the site of new homes, commercial space, and a brand new plaza. The development will be a project between Bromley Council and Countryside, the developer being recently selected to as the supplier of choice for the project.

The centrepiece of the development will be eight new apartment blocks. These will create 384 brand new, high quality homes. Of this number 250 will be private properties for sale and 81 for affordable rent. The remaining 53 will be set aside for shared ownership.

In addition to the homes the development brief stated that there will be 10,650 square feet of new commercial space. This could prove to be very popular for bars and restaurants, particularly with the creation of a new glazed corner designed to attract people visiting the town centre.

Community spaces can play an important role in developments, particularly in busy settings such as town centres in London. Churchill Gardens will receive a new plaza and promenade as part of the project. A replacement town church will also be created, offering 7,850 square feet of space.

The site is a key one in Bromley and will hopefully support growth targets for the wider area. As part of the project Bromley Council and Countryside will be working closely with the local communities. The aim is to deliver the best value and ensure progress with plans and obtaining planning permission is made available.

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