Delivering the best returns and the promise of security

It’s no secret that many authorities are facing an acute housing shortage in London at the moment. London needs a large number of working people to keep going as one of the most productive and thriving cities in the world, and of course, these people need somewhere to live. For a range of reasons, the anticipated new build housing has not materialised in the numbers required.

Private sector leasing, in which the authorities of the London Boroughs lease private property in order to provide housing, has been one of the most successful ways to address the shortage. As a result of our standing as the most trusted providers of property management in the city, we are the lettings agent of choice to assist property portfolio holders in gaining the best returns possible from council leasing in Southwark and the rest of the capital.

There has been an increase nationwide in the number of property owners who have invested in order to gain rewards from the growing Buy To Let market. Whilst people have been drawn to this sort of investment with the genuine promise of good rewards, not all investors know how to secure the maximum yield from their investment. Buy To Let investors in the capital are no doubt aware of the benefits that council leasing has to offer, but are uncertain as to how to access them. This is where we come in. We ensure that preferential rates are secured for fixed term council leasing, and that the property itself gets professional, complete management.

We are a preferred supplier of services to many of the London Borough authorities, which means we are able to arrange a fast track approach for you to get your property into a council leasing agreement. However, the speed of our delivery does not mean that professional services are scarified. We know that the number one concern for investors is that the property is correctly managed and maintained. When you are working with us, you can have complete assurance of this. Our name has long been associated with the best property management services in London. Each and every property we represent has a dedicated manager, and they ensure that all general or maintenance issues are addressed. Keeping your property in pristine condition is as important to us as securing the best terms.

The buoyant, thriving property market in London is one that many are attracted to in order to access the best returns on investment. Getting these returns is not as straightforward as buying a property. With our team working for you, you can maximise your opportunities for success in the London property market.