Delivering outstanding results in the London property market

At this moment in time the London property market is in an unusual state of balance. After years, if not decades, of the market moving between favouring buyers over sellers and vice versa, right now it seems that both are in a great position. To ensure that the property market remains sustainable it is important that this level of balance is preserved. At Finefair, we are perfectly placed to help ensure this sustainability, with our ability to meet the needs, expectations and requirements of both buyers and sellers in the London property market.

It is from our many years of experience in the London property sector that we have become the most prominent and successful of estate agents. Our outstanding service has seen us nominated as the service supplier of choice for many London boroughs, including Croydon. We have learned, from our experience in property, council leasing and estate management, exactly what makes a property preferable in respect of meeting investor expectations and being exactly what tenants seek.

If you wish to either buy or sell a premises in London or the surrounding areas, having Finefair on your side is the means by which you can ensure you secure the most beneficial position. For sellers our well placed network ensures the most intelligent exposure for your property. We make sure that the most relevant audience have their attention drawn to your property. For those looking to purchase a property, either as a residential home or for “buy to let” investment reasons, our intrinsic knowledge of London means that we are able to readily identify properties meeting your location and budget requirements.

Should you be exploring the potential of making a buy to let investment, few locations offer the assured returns that London does. Our comprehensive maintenance and management performance means that your property is always maintained to the highest standards, and our guaranteed rent service is free of the usual conditions you may expect. From the moment you secure the services of Finefair, you are ready to receive the full and frequent returns you always expected from your investment properties.