Delivering affordable home fast

Lambeth will become the newest home to Pocket housing this year, joining areas like Camden, Ealing, and Lewisham. The new one-bedroom flats will fit into spaces on the China Walk estate, including in a former garage and parking space. In total across the Borough there will be 126 of these new homes, all sold at less than market value.

Pocket Homes can offer such great discounts on the properties prices by pre-fabricating the properties and delivering them in sections ready for installation. This helps to save a lot of time and a great deal of money in the process. They can be constructed very quickly, speeding up housing delivery. The target with most of the properties is to deliver them at 20% less than the market value.

With Lambeth being such a popular central Borough the Pocket Houses will need to be further discounted if they are to be accessible to the target audience. Discounts of 35% will be needed to achieve this but it is possible to provide these.

In order to purchase the Pocket Homes buyers need to meet very strict criteria in terms of their earnings and how long they have lived in the area. On top of this if they want to sell in the future they need to adhere to the covenant that has been set up. This means they need to offer the same discount they got the property for and the new buy must also meet the criteria.

At Finefair we have a lot of experience working in the property market in Lambeth. We provide a myriad of services, working to help clients find the perfect investments and get the most from them. The delivery of new homes for the area, especially those that cater for specific buyer needs are always welcome.

One service we offer is guaranteed rent in Lambeth. With it we help investors to make a set income for the whole duration of the agreement regardless of the habited status of a property. That means we take on the responsibility of finding tenants and will ensure rent is paid on time, every time.

If you are an investor or a landlord in Lambeth and are interested in the benefits of guaranteed rent please contact us.