Dalston became a gentrification hotspot

Dalston has been the focus of gentrification since the financial crisis, becoming an enclave for city workers looking to get more for their money. The area is in north London, close to more expensive Islington and Stoke Newington. Between 2009 and 2014 the average price of a home in the area rose by 59%, not far behind the figure for Central London. In the three years since prices have gained 12.3% at a time when many prime areas have lost some ground.

The gentrification of Dalston is similar to what has been seen across the wider London Borough of Hackney. The area already had good rail links but improvements to the Overground have really drawn in city workers. On top of this countless trendy restaurants and bars have set up in the area.

One of the most attractive things about Dalston is the number of Victorian homes. These properties are good sizes and can offer great opportunities for investors, especially those who want to invest in doing up those houses that need a little work. On top of this new builds are cropping up across the area and Hackney Council is planning to build an additional 2,219 homes in the next five years.

There is plenty in the area to attract renters, translating to a good number of prospective tenants for landlords. City workers moving to the area may choose to rent for a period of time while they wait for prices to come down and more new builds to become available. Young professionals looking for their first rental home are also drawn to the area for the lifestyle it offers.

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