Croydon has plenty of wonderful things to offer

Croydon was recently ranked amongst the five best hotspots that investors should consider investing in. Joining it on the list are popular North West areas Liverpool and Salford, both of which have seen a big increase in investment, Basingstoke, and Wood Green in North London. All five areas have two important things in common; they are the focus of extensive regeneration and have excellent transport links.

The reputation of Croydon has seen a dramatic change over the last few years. It is now one of the busiest areas for new start up businesses in the UK, particularly those in technological fields. As a result it has earned the nickname of the “Silicon Valley of the South”. Over a thousand new start-up businesses are based in the area and the number continues to rise as the concentration of skills improves.

One of the most impressive arrivals in Croydon is Boxpark. The sister to a project in Shoreditch, the idea revolutionises how people look at street food, dining, and events. Using 80 shipping containers, the site offers opportunities for numerous local independent businesses to set up and start building a customer base. With a calendar of over 200 events a year the development has become a big part of the community.

On top of this there is the redevelopment of the Westfield Shopping Centre to look forward to. This will attract further businesses and give residents and visitors even more shops to explore.

According to Rightmove figures, property values in Croydon rose by 20% in 2016. Even with the big rises though, the average price is still over £180,000 behind the figure for Central London. This means there is room for even more increases.

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