Croydon is becoming an internationally renowned investment area

Croydon has grown to become a desirable location for property investment amongst a global audience. This was highlighted recently when R&F, a property developer based in Guangzhou, China, completed a £60 million land purchase. They took up one of the last remaining large development sites in the town.

The investment is the first time a company from mainland China has invested in Croydon. The development could prove to be a hallmark for the future of the area, featuring a large, innovative project funded internationally. This could easily start a trend.

The move raises the question, why is Croydon so attractive? The answer is that it has a huge amount of potential on offer, particularly with space in Central London so limited and prices so high. This has led many developers to look at Zones 2 and 3. These locations are better spatially and can offer more value for money. There are also prospects for them to grow even more in the future.

An added benefit is that regeneration work is already ongoing across a lot of Croydon. This is helping to bring the area forwards, making it even more attractive to buyers and businesses. Further investment is drawn to this and the opportunities it offers.

Investors are also attracted to areas with character. Croydon has this in abundance with beautiful properties and a fantastic history. The regeneration work is helping to enhance this even further.

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