Crossrail is set to affect London property prices

With the brand new Crossrail route currently being developed, property prices in the capital and along the rest of the route are set to change. Areas which are being regenerated because of Crossrail are most likely to be affected, leading to new opportunities for investors and property owners.

Property prices in Whitechapel are likely to be particularly dramatically altered, with a predicted rise of up to 54 per cent in property prices between now and 2020. This is 19% greater than the average London price rise.

Crossrail is one of the most significant transportation developments currently happening in London, with 24 trains per hour running in each direction. The route is set to cut journeys from Whitechapel to Canary Wharf to just three minutes. This is sure to make Whitechapel homes especially appealing to professionals who work in the Canary Wharf area and are in search of homes they can easily commute from. If you own property in Whitechapel, this may be a perfect opportunity to sell it on for a profit; you will also have plenty of opportunities to find suitable tenants if you have a rental property in this area of London.

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