Council Leasing Sutton

At Finefair we are completely dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in our industry, particularly when it comes to council leasing in Sutton, Bromley, Croydon and all other boroughs of the capital. We have been working with local housing associations and authorities for many years, developing strong networks that benefit property investors and authorities alike and making for successful council leasing throughout London.

Our services include acting as consultants for housing associations, providing support and guidance to enable them to improve their practise. We can assist them with all kinds of council leasing matters, including procuring properties and assisting with matters such as inspections.

We also work closely with investors and landlords who want to put their properties up for council leasing, as well as prospective tenants who need extra support when looking for a place to live. Whatever the unique aims of the client, we work hard to help them reach their goals. Our flexible care and support services are aimed at helping vulnerable adults and young people to find affordable accommodation that suits their needs. All our services are continuously evolving to keep up with the ever changing needs of our clients.

We stand out from other companies dealing with council leasing in Sutton because we are completely customer focused, offering individual solutions based on your unique needs. This approach has ensured that we are a leading name in the world of London property. Contact us today to find out how we can support you in all your endeavours to do with council leasing, whether you are a landlord, property investor or associated with local housing authorities.