Council Leasing Merton

Council leasing in Merton may well be a wise decision for you. This is regardless of whether you’re a professional property company or a private Landlord. Council leasing can offer you a number of benefits, the most prominent one being that the responsibility of property will shift to the local council instead. This serves to lift a burden off of your shoulders. However, it also means that you will also some of the property control over to them, and you must be aware of this.

Taking the stress off your plate

The responsibilities that will be taken from you are many. For example, searching for tenants and dealing with any issues that may arise during their stay is no longer your concern. Through the implementation of guaranteed rent schemes, you can be comforted knowing that you will definitely be receiving income for the duration of their stay. The exact timing of these schemes can vary. However, you should note that many will last for approximately three to five years.

A leading property management company

council leasing MertonYou’ll find that no other company is better suited to helping you with council leasing in Merton than Finefair. We will use the skills and experiences we have gained from our many years working in the property market. From this, we provide you with a service that will fully meet your requirements and expectations. We will help you make all the arrangements that are necessary with the right people. We can do this regardless of the size, type or number of properties that you own.

Turn to Finefair for council leasing in Merton

If you have an interest in reaping the benefits of council leasing, Merton should make us their first port of call. We also work with clients from Croydon, Sutton or any other borough in London. We constantly endeavour to provide you a service of the highest quality. Our team can equip you with all the important details and information necessary. As a result, your final decision will be as informed as possible.