Coulsdon – A South London commuter suburb

Finefair understands that commuter spots are very popular with investors because of the high demand. We work in many of these areas in London and strive to offer the right service for every client. Our team excel in several areas but are renowned for offering the top property management Croydon can offer.

South London has a number of popular commuting towns that combine greenery and good amenities. Coulsdon really stands out because it is very green but still close to Croydon. There are several local train stations too, meaning people travel into the centre of the city with ease.

Two different locations

Coulsdon Town has quite a busy town centre with pubs, restaurants and shops. There is a good mix of houses in the area, ranging from flats to large family homes. There are older properties as well as new builds. In addition the area has several good schools, making it even better for families.

Old Coulsdon is just to the south. It is a traditional village with a green right in the centre. There is a cricket pitch which still gets regular use and also a parade of shops. There are some grander old homes in the area and a Grade I listed church too.

Green spaces

Both areas have an abundance of green space. They are close to Farthing Downs and Coulsdon Common. The first is a Site of Specific Scientific Interest because it is a large space of chalk grassland. There are great trails for walking, cycling and horse riding. The Common is also a significant green space home to a variety of habitats. Walkers, cyclists and horse riders are welcome here too but must stick to the trails to ensure they don’t harm the wildlife.

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