The contribution of regeneration to the property market

At the moment, it seems impossible to read anything about the subject of London property without encountering the word regeneration. With the demand for property in London showing no signs of easing off any time soon, there is mounting pressure to meet this demand without building on designated ‘green belt’ areas. This has resulted in the regeneration of many areas of London, which involves repurposing property to meet current requirements. This approach serves to help meet the demand, but also creates a whole new market for those looking for investment properties.

London features many disused or abandoned buildings. In most instances they were created for industrial and commercial use, normally close to areas traditionally demarcated as residential. Presently there are several regeneration projects underway to transform these buildings and make them fit for residential accommodation. With extensive success in this field, there is widespread support for further developments of this nature to be undertaken in the capital.

From our perspective, a consequence of regeneration has been to open up a far broader range of areas to consider when looking at investment property. Many areas which would not normally offer significant returns on investment are now being viewed as having great potential for success. Properties located in or near areas designated for regeneration are now considered as highly attractive investment options, with the likelihood of exceptional long term returns. Much of the property currently available in areas designated for regeneration is priced considerably lower than the average market value. This reflects the fact that the possible returns are of a long term nature, rather than offering short term profits.

As the leading name in property and estate management in Camden and the rest of London, we take a positive view on the regeneration being undertaken across London. We are delighted that a new lease of life is being given to many magnificent buildings which have been neglected for a while, and we greatly appreciate the value regeneration has brought to the property market in London.