Considering investing in eco-friendly homes

Eco-friendly houses continue to rise in popularity. Buyers value them highly because they are designed to be sustainable and generally have lower energy bills. Developers across the UK are looking to create more of these properties, ensuring they design with the future in mind.

There are a number of different technologies that can help make homes more green and sustainable. Solar panels are among the most popular and widely used. They allow the property owner to generate their own electricity. In areas with a lot of sun where properties have south facing roofs, the panels can generate plenty of power.

Central heating and air conditioning are two systems that consume a lot of energy. There are a number of technologies that can reduce this though. Zoning thermostats, smart meters, and modern, low energy systems are all good ideas. Insulation and quality double or triple glazed windows can help regulate temperatures in a property too, also saving energy.

A third option is rainwater harvesting. As we all know, the UK receives a good amount of rain over the course of the year. With a simple system this can be harvested to be used for non-potable applications. This is a better option than using resources from the mains.

One of the most interesting eco-friendly housing projects in the UK is based at Hackbridge in the London Borough of Sutton. The development is set to be the first truly sustainable suburb. A unique feature of the project is a heating network for the area that adheres to strict sustainability requirements.

Investors looking for properties that will be in high demand should consider eco-friendly homes. Tenants will appreciate the sustainability and lower household bills. If the properties are truly sustainable, they will also last for many years. This results in a real long term investment.

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